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Signing Up New Users

Resource Prerequisite: Only relevant for partners whose accounts are enabled for child account creation.

Use the signup resource to create new accounts and users.


This resource is not relevant for partners who chose to execute all their API calls (for all of their users) in their partner tenant.

This resource does the following:

  1. Creates a new child account. This new account is a sub-tenant of the partner's parent tenant; all content in the child is visible in the parent.

  2. Creates a new user for the child account. This user is the owner of the account.

  3. Creates all entities required to manage content and payments for the account: a Rights Holder, Payee, and Contract.

    • The Rights Holder created with the account will be a Label. Additional Artist and Label rights holders can be defined.


      Every release is associated with rights holders: an artist and a label. When adding a release, you can reference existing rights holders or create new rights holders.

    • The Payee created with the account will be for the user of the account. The default Contract will stipulate that the Payee will receive 100% of the royalties the partner is paying out.

    • The Rights Holder, Payee, and Contract will all be visible in the parent account.

The signup resource allows you to signup users with or their involvement or unattended.

  • Prompted Signup. The partner application prompts users for their information in a custom signup page.

    • Users will have knowledge of their credentials, and can use them to login to the Revelator web interface directly or via a custom login page. (Prompted authentication)

    • Supports prompted authentication, unprompted authentication, and the Revelator web interface's login page. For more information, see Authenticating.


      Using prompted and unprompted authentication together would be useful in a case where you don't want to maintain your own user database, but you do want to maintain your ability to perform unattended authentication.

  • Unprompted Signup. The partner application automates signup; the user is not prompted for their information and has no knowledge of anything outside of the partner application.

    • Ideal for API partners creating a complete, standalone application.

    • User and account information is provided by the partner directly, and the user will not have knowledge of their login credentials. The partner may already have all the information about the user stored in their application, or they may need to prompt the user for some information, but the user is not prompted to assign themselves credentials.

    • Supports unprompted authentication. For more information, see Authenticating.

Figure 1. Signup/Authentication Scenarios
Signup/Authentication Scenarios

For more information about authentication, see Authenticating