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Redirecting Authenticated Users to the Web Interface

Once you have prompted the user for their credentials and confirmed the credentials are valid by authenticating the user, you can redirect the user to their account in the Revelator web interface.

To load the user's account, you must provide the access token returned in the /account/login resource in the appropriate URL.

Table 1. URLs to load a user's home page




Deep Linking. For deep linking, include the query string parameter redirectToRouteOnLoad, and set it equal to the route. For example, to load the assets page:<access_token>&redirectToRouteOnLoad=/content/music/albums


  • Your custom production URL (your white label deployment's custom domain) must be used in order to load the web interface with your white label's customizations. "" is the generic URL for the Revelator web interface's production environment, and using this URL to load a user's account will result in the standard web interface.

  • If a user has access to more than one Revelator account, the user's default account will be loaded. The user can switch to other accounts using the Switch Account link in the main menu.