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By using the Revelator API, white label customers can create a completely custom signup and login page.

All API partners are given an API key that is required to access certain key endpoints. The API key is effectively a "client secret".


Make sure that your API key never goes into client side code; otherwise, your clients will be able to abuse it!


The Revelator API powers the Revelator web interface. Because the external API offering is also used internally, developer’s can view API requests initiated by the web interface and use these requests as working samples. Additionally, they can view (and validate) the results of their API requests in the web interface.

Base URLs

Use the staging environment for all testing. Note that all accounts and content in staging are periodically overwritten with the accounts and content in production.

Table 1. API URLs



Table 2. Revelator Web Interface URLs




The above web interface URLs are generic. To access the production environment's web interface with your white label's custom branding, use your white label's custom URL.