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Distribution Workflow

Complete the following workflow to distribute a release.


Revelator's distribution services include both supply chain and agreements with the stores (DSPs). If you would like to use your own distribution agreements for some or all of the stores you distribute to, you must configure this in your parent account.

  1. Validate the release's metadata. See Validating Releases.

  2. Fix any validation errors by editing the release. See Adding/Editing Releases.

    • Validation errors with a severity of 1 must be resolved before a release can be distributed.

    • Validation errors with a severity of 2 indicate a probable issue, but do not prevent distribution.

  3. Lock the release. See Locking Releases.

  4. (Optional) Set distribution options. See Setting Distribution Options.

    • By default, releases will be distributed as soon as possible and to all territories.

    • This step is mandatory when distributing to YouTube Content ID or Facebook Rights Manager.

  5. Add the release to the distribution queue. See Adding Releases to the Distribution Queue.

  6. Inspect and approve the release's metadata. See Inspecting and Approving Release Metadata.

    Performed in the Revelator User Interface.

  7. (Optional) Retrieve a release's distribution status. See Retrieving Distribution Status.