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Adding Releases to the Distribution Queue

Use the addtoqueue resource to specify which stores to distribute a release to and add the release to the distribution queue.


Monetization Policies: In addition to simple distribution, Revelator provides the option to enforce monetization policies for your assets (such as tracking , blocking or claiming earnings) when they are used by others on YouTube (YouTube Content ID) or Facebook (Facebook Rights Manager).

In order to distribute to YouTube Content ID or Facebook Rights Manager, you must first specify a monetization policy for the relevant store. See Setting Distribution Options.

In order to enable this support, please contact your Revelator account manager.


When distributing a release to YouTube Content ID, you must always distribute the release to YouTube Music. Failing to do so will result in a suspension of your YouTube distribution privileges. Additionally, any takedown requests for YouTube Music must also specify YouTube Content ID. There can never be a situation where a release is distributed to YouTube Content ID when it is not distributed to YouTube Music; furthermore, YouTube Content ID cannot have fewer territorial rights than YouTube Music.

It is acceptable to distribute to YouTube Music without distributing to YouTube Content ID.

POST /distribution/release/addtoqueue

Table 1. Query String Parameters





Access token returned upon authentication.



The ID of the release to add to the queue. This ID was returned in the /content/release/save request which created the release.

Table 2. Request Body

An array of Revelator store IDs to distribute the release to,

Lookup DSP IDs using the GET /common/lookup/stores resource. Provide an access token to retrieve only the DSPs enabled for a specific account.


  • If you are distributing to YouTube Content ID (307) and/or Facebook Rights Manager (310), please ensure that you have already set monetization policies. See Setting Distribution Options.

  • If you are distributing to YouTube Content ID (307), please ensure you are also distributing to YouTube Music (13). In other words, if the request body array includes ID 307, it must also include ID 13.

curl -X POST '' \
-d '[1, 9, 208, 315, 14, 312, 37, 13]