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Inspecting and Approving Release Metadata

Releases in the distribution queue will not be sent to stores until a user of your parent account inspects and approves the release's metadata in the Revelator web interface.


You are responsible for providing acceptable release metadata. Failing to correct inappropriate metadata will result in stores rejecting your releases and will ultimately result in a suspension of your distribution privileges.

  1. Log in to the parent account in the relevant environment ( or

  2. In the main menu, select Distribution.

    The Distribute page appears.

  3. Click the Queue tab.

    The Queue tab appears, displaying the To inspect sub tab.

  4. Select the release in the To inspect sub-tab.

    Release information appears with the Actions button in the upper right corner.

  5. Review the metadata and edit it as needed.

  6. Approve the metadata and send the release on to the store(s) by clicking Actions and selecting Save & deliver.

    The release is sent to the stores.